Travel and cancellation policy

Payment conditions

Reservation fee | Total payment 

  • We do not charge a reservation fee.
  • The full tour price is due 14 days after the departure date.

Cancellation conditions

Cancellation | Cancellation fee

The passenger may cancel the tour without special reason at any time. The cancellation fee is charged as follows:

  • Later than 60 days but no later than 30 days prior to departure by paying 25 % of the price of the tour
  • Later than 30 days but no later than 15 days prior to departure by paying 50 % of the price of the tour.
  • Later than 15 days prior to departure by paying 100 % of the price of the tour.

Other conditions

Booking confirmation | Travel insurance | Delayed/cancelled flights

  • Please check the booking confirmation carefully and inform the tour operator immediately of any mistakes (dates etc.). If the tour operator is not informed, the passenger will be considered responsible for the mistake.
  • It is essential that a passenger is covered by adequate travel insurance.
  • Porta Arctica is not in a position to offer a passenger any assistance in the event of delay at the outward or homeward point of departure. The airline concerned will be responsible for a passenger in the event of flight cancellation or delays.

Apart from what is stated here, Porta Arctica Oy will always follow good business practices and the terms and conditions as stated in the general terms for package tours as negotiated between the association of Finnish travel agents and consumer ombudsman on 30.6.2009. Should there be such a disagreement between Porta Arctica Oy and a customer that no other agreement cannot be reached with any other means, the matter will always be settled in the Finnish court.

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